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Subject: Barium
Author(s): Kuznetsova. E. N.

Comparison of the characteristics of flotation of barite and barium ions. IN: Soversh. Flotatsii Rud I Rastvoren. Veshchestv ; 1976, p. 83-86.



Subject: Barium -- Ore-dressing
Author(s): Dem'yannikov, I. G.

X-ray fluorescent spectral analysis of lead-barite ores and beneficiation products for lead and barium contents / by I. G. Dem'yannikov... [et al.] IN: Appar. Metody Rentgenovsk. Anal. ; v. 12, 1973, p. 34-42.



Subject: Barium -- Patents
Author(s): Charrier, Jacques and C. Magnier

Treatment of mixtures of barites and fluorspar for recovering barium sulphate and hydrofluoric acid. 12 p.

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