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Subject: Steam turbines
Prepared By: Lehigh University and IMO Delaval

Improvement of the Exhaust Flow of a Low-Pressure Turbine. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and Trenton ,New Jersey November 1990

Report Type: Final Report
Report Number: GS-7003
Project Number: 1878-5


Subject: Steam turbines
Prepared By: J.A. Jones Applied Research Company

Proceedings: Steeam Turbine/ Generator NDE Workshop. Charlotte, North Carolina November 1990

Report Type: Proceedings
Report Number: NP-6993
Project Number: 1570-2


Subject: Steam turbines
Prepared By: Steve Hoffman

Life Assessment Product Catalog for Boilers, Steam Pipes, and Steam Turbines. Santa Clara, California July 1992

Report Type:
Report Number: TR-100549
Project Number: RP2253-12