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Subject: Coatings
Prepared By: Johns Hopkins University

Proceedings: Workshop on Polymers in the Generation, Storage, Transmission, and Distribution of Electric Power. Baltimore, Maryland November 1990

Report Type: Proceedings
Report Number: ER-6982
Project Number: 8007-7


Subject: Coatings
Prepared By: Lockheed Missiles and Space Company, Inc.

Corrosion in Syngas Coolers of Entrained Slagging Gasifiers. Palo Alto, California August 1990

Report Type: Topical Report
Report Number: GS-6971
Project Number: Project 2048-1


Subject: Coatings
Prepared By: CENTEC XXI,

Chromium Coatings to Reduce Radiation Buildup. Santa Clara, California December 1995

Report Type: Final Report
Report Number: TR-105813
Project Number: 2758-02


Subject: Insulator coatings
Prepared By: General Electric Company

HVDC Wall Bushing Studies. Lenox, Massachusetts July 1990

Report Type: Final Report
Report Number: EL-6923
Project Number: 3039-1