The Mining Endowment of the DeLaMare Library

[graphic: mineshaft]



The DeLaMare Library, a branch of the University of Nevada library system, is funded by the state primarily for its service to the Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering and the College of Engineering students and faculty. In addition to meeting the earth science and mining information needs of the University of Nevada, Reno campus, the DeLaMare Library is heavily used by regional mining and geologic exploration firms and consultants.

The DeLaMare Library seeks support beyond state appropriations in order to maintain the quality of its collection. To help ensure the continuing existence of a viable mining and geoscience collection, a Mines Library Endowment was established in 1983 through the UNR Foundation. With the Library's new name, we now call the Endowment simply the Mining Endowment of the DeLaMare Library. Earnings from the Endowment are used to purchase mining and geoscience publications in a variety of  formats for the library. The Endowment has been invaluable in contributing toward the excellence of the collection.

To contribute to the Endowment:

  1. Please print this page and mail the form to the attention of:
    Millie Mitchell
    Director of Development – University Libraries
    University of Nevada, Reno/MS 0322
    Reno, NV 89557-0322
  2. Make checks payable to

Call Millie Mitchell, 775-682-5682

Your contribution will be acknowledged by the Library and the UNR Foundation, and is tax deductible. For your tax records, our federal tax I.D. number is 94-2781749.



Mining Endowment Contribution Form
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I would like the library to consider adding the following book(s) to its collection (please include information on author, title, publisher, publication year, and price, if known):