Reference Information and Sources for Maps:
Paper, Digital, and Online

This listing provides additional information, sources and links to maps in and beyond the Mary B. Ansari Collection.

I. NEVADA maps and views Digital and Online: Federal, State, Private sources

Federal Sources:

US Geological Survey Activities in Nevada

Lake Tahoe Data Clearinghouse, USGS

Great Basin Pleistocene Lakes, USGS

Geodata, one-stop site for government produced data

USGS On-line map lists - Make selection by state to locate Nevada

National WaterWatch - Nevada Basin Watershed

Ground water Atlas, California-Nevada, USGS

Shaded Relief Map of Nevada, USGS

The National Map - geographic database; Lake Tahoe in pilot project

USGS maps and aerial photos online through partner links

U.S. Forest Service Maps and Brochures and Geodata Clearinghouse

Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit,US Forest Service

Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, Nevada, US Forest Service

Nevada Profiles, US Census Bureau

National Park Service Cartographic Resources Data Directory

Great Basin National Park, US National Park Service

USDA - Soils of Nevada

EPA - Nevada Indian Reservations and ecological maps and ecoregions of Nevada

Great Basin geoscience data base, USGS CD-ROM, I19.121:41

National Weather Service, Reno

FEMA - Flood and disaster maps

Bureau of Land Management - Nevada    Nevada Wilderness Area maps to download


Public Lands Information Center -  for specific Nevada recreation information   

     and the GeoCommunicator  for cross agency land information searches

National Renewable Energy Lab - dynamic maps of resources

State and County Sources:

Nevada Historic Topo Maps - online from University of Nevada, Reno

Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology - Online documents and maps including geologic, topographic , and a black & white shaded relief map of NV and page-sized graphics of state.

Nevada Dept. of Transportation - Map Info - assortment of NV maps online

Nevada Secretary of State, Nevada County and City Information

Nevada Commission on Tourism -- Area maps with additional maps in most sections

Nevada Dept. of Environmental Protection - collection of maps including outline, relief, precipitation , shaded relief, and Test Site maps

Nevada Natural Heritage Program - Vegetation, Plant & Animal Maps

Washoe County GIS spatial data collection - Map Warehouse

Reno City GIS MapServer

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, - includes Watershed Maps and Land Capability Maps

California Geographic Survey - Nevada Aerial Atlas of Panoramic Images

Northern Nevada Bioregional Information including area maps
UNR Seismo Lab, online maps including seismic maps


Washoe County
Washoe County - Mapping Division - Assessor's Office
Washoe County GIS Program - Data & Imagery, Index maps, etc.

Reno GIS MapServer - community map data


California Geographical Survey - Nevada Atlas of Panoramic aerial images

Private Sources and Organizations:


       NVEnergy - Search across state for property & development information, graphically displayed

       Nevada Trails - search for the appropriate trail including maps

Nevada wind map online

Sanborn Maps online - historic Nevada maps

David Rumsey Collection - historic

US Color Landform Atlas: Nevada

Precipitation Map of Nevada

II. UNITED STATES Atlas and Maps Online

Federal Sources

National Atlas, USGS; interactive features online & downloadable topographic maps

Color Shaded Relief Map of the U.S and western US images - USGS

Historical Map and Chart Collection, Office of Coast Survey

US National Park Service site includes maps with each parks description; for Nevada, includes Great Basin National Park, Lake Mead National Recreation Area, and Death Valley N. P.

National Geologic Map Database, USGS and plate tectonic maps

US Census Bureau Mapping and Cartographic Resources and Census 2000 population profile maps

National Water-Quality Assessment Study Units, USGS

Geohazards, USGS - Maps, information, images, etc.

GeoCommunicator - extensive government site of land use data

US Forest Service Maps and Brochures

FEMA - Maps - Analyze & visualize hazards  / Flood Recovery Data and Maps

NOAA navigational charts online

Status of Soil Survey digitizing project, USDA

US Fish & Wildlife - including a Wetlands Mapper

Map Collections 1500-1999: Exploration, Military campaigns, cities & towns, transportation, Library of Congress

Panoramic Maps, 1847-1925, Library of Congress; includes historic Virginia City views

Bureau of Land Management; ongoing national digital database


California Maps on the web

California on-line energy maps

California Climate Zone Map

California Geographic Survey - census maps of California & panormaic & relief maps of US & world


Private/Organization sources

       California Geographical Survey - US & world coverage of panoramic aerial images

Digital Atlas of the United States, Wm. Bowen, CSU Northridge

U.S. Drought Monitor, current conditions

David Rumsey Collection - historic

Telephone area code maps - North American Numbering Plan Administration

Rand McNally, map dealer with downloadable U.S. maps

Area 51 Location Map

III. FOREIGN and WORLD map online sources


Toporama, Canadian topo maps

Atlas of Canada

Tour Canada From Space - Images

World and Foreign

CIA World Factbook with country reference maps

National Geographic Maps Index

Australia - maps online

Review Atlas of Palaeovegetation - past global climate systems and ecosystems since last ice age

Plate Tectonics and Sea-Floor Spreading Maps and Graphics, USGS

Global Seismic Hazard Map, GSHAP

GIS Data Depot - download free data from over one million data sets from around the world

World Sites Atlas.Com - commercial site

Paleomap Project - global paleogeographic map

Newsbank Reference Maps - clearly presented basic political maps, US and World

US and World Outline maps of states, world, regions for classroom use

Environment Network - Kyoto Protocol

The UC Atlas of Global Inequality, online maps

TerraServer - commercial site with some free items




Visible Earth - NASA searchable directory of images, visualizations and animations of the Earth including Reno, and Lake Tahoe  and worldwide

California Geographical Survey - US & world coverage of panoramic aerial images

NASA Image eXchange, a searchable database of views

National Space Science Data Center, Photo Gallery of our solar system, distant astronomical objects and space technology

NASA's Planetary Photojournal - photos of the solar system from NASA space missions and Antarctic views

Consolidated Lunar Atlas and Lunar Map Catalog

Apollo Image Atlas of the Moon

Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Moon, NASA

Earth Observatory, NASA: views of the earth with environmental data

Search the USGS database for satellite and space views including declassified intelligence satellite photos

TerraFly - virtual fly-over of the US

Tour Canada from space - views

European Space Agency - activities with views

Mars views and educational materials on Mars, volcanoes and Antarctica, Malin Space Science Systems

Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature


National Geographic Map Machine

Google Earth - navigate earth via satellite images

U.S. HUD community data for GIS use - produces customized US topo maps;commercial site

LandVoyage - produces customized US topo maps & aerial photos; commercial site

Canadian Geoscience data repository

MapQuest - US trip planning with interactive world atlas

Maptech MapServer- customize topo, nautical and aeronautical maps

National Historical Geographic Information System - Census data & GIS files from 1790 census to 2000

Rand McNally maps online

MapBlast! - travel information with maps; international

Maps on Us- search for a map or route

Geospatial Data Research Network, UNR

 UNR Great Basin Center for Geothermal Energy - interactive maps

UNEP - interactive environmental maps

Yahoo! Maps

Gazetteers, Projections/Cartography, Educational, Travel, Historic, Societies/Organizations

Gazetteers Online

USGS Geographic Names Information System - GNIS database to US geographic names with links to foreign names

GEOnet Names Server - Database to foreign geographic names

Columbia Gazetteer of the World online

Canada's Geographical Names, Natural Resources Canada

Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names, esp. as relates to their art & architecture collections worldwide

Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature

Projections and Cartography

Map Projections, USGS

Map Scales

Finding Your Way with a Map and Compass

Map Reading and Land Navigation - US Army Field Manual

Map Projections - National Geographic Projections - U. of Colorado
overview - Atlas of Canada Learning Resources

Map History/History of Cartography - major gateway of information

Map Use and Analysis - companion to the book with online information and relevant links

The Peters Projection - description of controversial projections

US GS Topographic Map Symbols

Educational Materials

What do maps show? Lessons - USGS

USGS Education Map Catalog

National Geographic Education - all manner of materials!

Geography Matters - GIS for K-12

Map Adventures, USGS - K-12 Teachers Guide

Online Activities for the classroom - National Air and Space Museum

Maps 101 -Topographic Maps, the Basics

Educational Materials, Canada Geological Survey

Lunar & Planetary Institute Education division

Paleomap Project - global paleogeographic maps

Newsbank Reference Maps - clearly presented basic political maps

US and WorldOutline maps of states, world, regions for classroom use

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids - including interactive map game

Travel Maps and Information, many sites interactive - US government site of recreation info from many agencies

Official City Sites - Much more than travel info; international

iGage Mapping Corp. Topo maps and books

Maps On Us - Customized maps and directions to your destination

Yahoo! Maps - Customized maps and directions to your destination

MapTech - US topo maps, aeronautical & nautical charts on line; searchable by area and may be slightly customized

Topozone - Search for places and get a topo map. Site creators worked with the U.S.G.S. to supply the maps. Sometimes slow, but worth the wait.

MapQuest - Free registration. Interactive world atlas and trip planning - plan a trip information and maps

Maps of Railways of Europe

EROS Image Gallery of scenes of and from space - commercial travel site with maps

The Weather Channel - weather maps and a lot more

How Far Is It? Calculates mileage between two points

ETAK - US street address with lat/long/postal/census information

Yahoo's Currency Exchange - Up to date exchange rates for currency for many countries

The Universal Currency Converter - Contains information for 180 currencies

TOPO! Interactive maps on CD-ROM, Lake Tahoe and surrounding wilderness and ski areas. G4362 .T2 T67 1997 text and CD

World Sites Atlas - maps of continents, countries, states, provinces; commercial site


Historical Mapping, USGS

Sanborn Maps online of Nevada

Nevada Historic Topo Maps - online from the University of Nevada, Reno

David Rumsey Collection

Using Maps in Genealogy

NOAA, Historical Map and Chart Collection

FAA historic aeronautical chart acquisition

Historical maps, 'About Geography'

Hargrett Rare Map Collection, University of Georgia - images online

Historic Atlas series

Holy Land Maps - Jewish National & University Library

Early maps and relevant information - link to links.

The Bodleian Library Map Room, Oxford, UK

National Library of Scotland - Historic maps of Scotland online

Historic atlas and map valuation and conservation - Stanford University


Societies and Organizations

The Association of American Geographers

American Congress on Surveying and Mapping

Society of Cartographers, UK

VII. Major ONLINE COLLECTIONS and links to collections/sites


National Geographic Maps - maps and information about maps; mega site

google maps > links to...whatever!

Oddens' Bookmarks - huge site of maps and map information

Perry-Castaneda Library, University of Texas, Austin - offers many digital maps; a major site

UC Berkeley Historic Topographic Maps of California

University of Connecticut, Map and Geographic Information Center

Penn State University Online Digital Maps

David Rumsey Collection - historic maps

World Atlas: Maps and Geography of the World - commercial site but with a great deal of information on maps and general and specialized maps online

The Electronic Map Library, California State University, Northridge

Branner Earth Sciences Library and Map Collections, Stanford

Yale Map Collection Online - especially for historic maps

Harvard Map Collection Resources

National Maritime Museum, U. K. - online collection of 100,000 sea charts and maps

The Bodleian Library, UK, links and online maps

New York Public Library Map Division - huge collection although not much digital

Blank & outline maps of states, countries, continents