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Map Collection


The Collection contains over 140,000 maps including topographic and earthscience themes, for the United States and the world.

This page describes the major sources and some highlights of the collection and also includes links to relevant web sites with maps and images of Nevada

Indexes: Map indexes and the map card catalog in the Map Library are used to identify specific maps in the collection. Most individual maps are not cataloged in the library's online Catalog. Please request assistance between 8-5 Monday-Friday.

Circulation: Most maps and atlases may be borrowed for 4 weeks by anyone with a valid UNR ID. All maps must be returned to the DeLaMare Library.

The Geospatial Data site is obtaining and loading spatial digital data, particularly on Nevada and the Great Basin; please consult this site for the latest data.

  Federal Map Depository Logo

I. Federal Map Depository

The Mary B. Ansari Map Library is part of the Regional Depository
for Nevada and houses the following federal agency maps or link provided:

II. State Maps and Images

Primary map series collected:

III. Foreign Government Maps

IV. Local, National, International Organizations/Private Sources, Including:

V. Atlases

Atlases, general and thematic, are found in the Map Library
and in the general book stacks of the DeLaMare Library and in the Knowledge Center, UNR
Atlases are cataloged and found by using the online Catalog.

VI. Other UNR Sources

Additional atlases and maps are located in the Main library or other branch libraries:

VII. Additional Links to Online Maps

See also the Reference section of the Ansari Web Page.