Map Catalog and Indexes

The Ansari Map Library collection contains approximately 140,000 maps, including topographic and earth science themes for the United States and the world.

At this time, only the most recently received U.S. federal maps and purchased maps may be found in the online catalog for UNR. These maps may be searched by topic (i.e., earthquake hazard), and then limited by material type (i.e., map), author, or collection (i.e., DeLaMare Library).

The majority of the map collection must be accessed in several other ways including a map card catalog. Individual maps not within government series are informally cataloged and found in the Map Catalog by author ((i.e., U.S. Forest Service) and subject (i.e., Nevada - Geothermal). Maps of regional importance within series may also be cataloged.


U.S. Geological Survey topographical map series are identified by using the topo indexes for each state which are located on the map reference shelves. The Nevada and California topo indexes are found on top of or near the map cases housing these 7.5' and 15' maps. These indexes indicate the filing number used in this library. In addition, card files for the Nevada and California topo 7.5' and 15' series identify each sheet by name and provide our Map Library filing number. Other series have their own sheet indexes including U.S.G.S. and B.L.M. 1:250,000 and 1:100,000 series. U.S. produced international nautical and aeronautical series have sheet and book indexes. The U.S. Dept. of Defense AMS/DMA/NIMA series have specialized index manuals and card file indexes.. Online sources such as WorldCat may also identify maps included in this collection.


There is no one place to identify all geologic maps in the library; indexes vary by state and region. Those not in a series are cataloged (i.e., Canada- Geologic). One series of geologic indexes for each U.S. state is located on the Map Reference shelves. Also consult the Guide to USGS Publications (Z6027 U5 G8, latest on Map Reference shelves) and various online bibliographic sources such as GeoRef (available via Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center web site).


Many states and organizations have sales catalogs to identify their map series and many have web sites. Please refer to the Collection or Ordering sections of the Ansari Map Library web site.


Reference assistance is available between 8 - 5, Monday through Friday, except holidays.